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What is IV Nutrition Therapy and When is it Used?


There are numerous terms for iv nutritional therapy. Some individuals refer to it as IV vitamin therapy, while others refer to it as IV micronutrient therapy. Regardless of the preferred name, the objective is to provide vitamins and micronutrients to the body to promote the body’s health and well-being. IV stands for intravenous, which means that vitamins and micronutrients are administered into the body through the veins.

In recent times, IV nutrient therapy administration has increased in popularity. After their games, some athletes receive intravenous vitamins to speed their recovery. Managing specific medical conditions is another common reason people seek IV vitamin therapy. According to some research, additional IV vitamin administration may help alleviate the symptoms of fibromyalgia, migraines, and hypertension, among others.

How Does IV Micronutrient Therapy Work? 

Most people get their vitamins and micronutrients from food; however, some may also take multivitamin supplements. Vitamins and micronutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream after passing through the stomach and intestines and being broken down by gastrointestinal enzymes. These substances can only be absorbed so quickly from the gastrointestinal tract; what is not absorbed is excreted as a stool. Furthermore, most substances taken from the intestine are processed further in the liver before being sent to the rest of the body. The amount of vitamins absorbed from the intestine is also impacted by an individual’s metabolism, genetics, age, and interactions with other orally consumed products. Ultimately, a large amount of the vitamins and micronutrients consumed orally are lost, with only smaller amounts reaching the rest of the body. As with most vitamins and micronutrients that go to waste, the body does not get the full benefits of these substances when consumed orally as food or other supplements.

The minerals and vitamins are delivered through the veins with IV Vitamin therapy. Through this route of administration, vitamins and micronutrients avoid the metabolism in the intestine. Additionally, the substances enter the bloodstream and circulate throughout the body more quickly since the rate of absorption does not limit them, as is the case with oral application. During IV Vitamin therapy, only a small amount of vitamins and micronutrients are lost; the majority are absorbed and utilized by the body. Therefore, vitamins and micronutrients’ full benefits are realized when administered intravenously rather than by mouth.

When Should You Receive an IV Micronutrient Infusion? 

There are no definitive answers about who should take vitamin C or benefit from intravenous vitamin infusion therapy. If a person’s healthcare provider advises it, they may begin with IV vitamin therapy. Other factors that may need IV vitamin therapy include:

  • For people suffering or recovering from illnesses, IV vitamins may help enhance the immune system and speed up recovery.
  • People who feel run down and have chronic low energy.
  • People who are suffering from mood disorders such as depression and anxiety.
  • Athletes before and after major sporting activities. 

An IV vitamin infusion is generally available to anyone. In general, the components are well-tolerated, and the chances of side effects are minimal.

How IV Vitamin Therapy Infusions are Administered

An IV vitamin infusion should be administered in a professional setting, such as a healthcare provider’s office or any other appropriate outpatient setting. Furthermore, to reduce the danger of infections or other complications, the infusion should only be provided by people who are familiar with the procedure and are skilled at it. The following is the general procedure for administering an IV vitamin infusion bag:

  • The individual will be seated or lying down comfortably.
  • Apply a tourniquet on the upper arm or forearm so that the veins beneath the tourniquet become visible and distended.
  • Wipe the skin thoroughly with an alcohol-based solution once an appropriate vein has been selected.
  • After the skin is dry, a needle or cannula of the appropriate size should be used to establish an IV line.
  • Once the IV line is set, the bag can then be connected to the IV line so its contents can flow into the patient. The rate at which the bag empties through the IV into the body varies; normally, the IV vitamin bags are set to flow for 30 – 45 minutes.

There are no clear limits on how frequently or how many bags an individual can receive an IV vitamin infusion. These are mostly determined by the instructions established by the healthcare professional and how soon the individual responds to the therapy.

IV Nutritional Therapy in Kearney, NE

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