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truBody - Body Sculpting

Reduce fat. Tone muscle. Customized, convenient and with complete results, truBody pairs two proven technologies: truSculpt and truFlex. Together they optimize results and take you beyond your best. It is non-invasive and comfortable with little to no pain and zero downtime. Treatment sessions are around 15 minutes. You can isolate and target the areas you want to improve and treat multiple areas simultaneously. truBody is safe on all skin and body types. You will see results after one treatment series!


Slim your waistline over your lunch break! As one of the fastest body sculpting treatments on the market, truSculpt damages fat cells using heat, permanently eliminating them from the body naturally. On average, patients see a 24% reduction in fat in the treated area in just one treatment. We also offer submental (jawline) slimming treatments.


Count your crunches by the thousands! In just one 15-minute session, truFlex delivers the equivalent of 54,000 crunches or 10,000 squats to strengthen and tone multiple muscle groups simultaneously. This unique muscle stimulation technology features adjustable intensities to achieve the personalized look you desire. Whether you’re looking to define your abs or build your booty, truFlex has you covered!

truBody and truFlex Before and Afters