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Each joint in the body has a similar purpose. Whether it is in your wrists, ankles, or your spine, the purpose is movement. However, not all joints move alike. If a joint is identified and found to be not moving correctly, a chiropractic adjustment is given to restore the proper movement and function. Adjustments have many positive consequences including but not limited to the restoration of proper joint movement and the relaxation of surrounding muscles. Left untreated, joints above and below the injury will adapt, causing a global pattern of dysfunction that affects much more than the pain origin. Several consequences can also occur including arthritis and degenerative disc disease.

Active Release Techniques (A.R.T)

This is a hands-on approach to locating and treating muscle and joint injuries. Cumulative Trauma Disorder (CTD) results from direct trauma, or by performing the same movement many times, aka repetitive motion. Examples of those prone to repetitive motion injuries include athletes with knee pain from running, office workers with wrist pain from typing, and manufacturing employees with low back pain from bending and twisting.

Physical Therapy / Rehabilitation

“If I see a chiropractor once, I will need to go forever.” Our purpose is to empower patients with the knowledge and desire for self sustaining optimal health. Once a patient is pain-free and fully functioning, simple rehabilitation stretches and exercises are given so the patient can maintain their optimal level of functionality. We strive to promote self-management and independence through home exercise programs.

Acupuncture / Dry Needling

The eastern philosophy of medicine has incorporated acupuncture to treat illnesses for thousands of years. Today in the United States, acupuncture is becoming a widely adopted and utilized approach to healthcare in the complementary and traditional medical models alike. Elite Chiropractic & Physical Therapy utilizes acupuncture and dry needling primarily for the treatment of acute and chronic pain conditions.

Pre and Post Operative Rehabilitation

Pre and post operative rehabilitation will involve decreasing pain, reducing swelling, improving range of motion and mobility and increasing strength to return to prior level of function.

Balance and Vestibular Training

A complete evaluation of the systems that work together to maintain balance in order to prevent falls or reduce dizziness.

Corporate Wellness & Injury Prevention

Dr. Stickney and Dr. Peterson are certified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to perform Department of Transportation physical exams for drivers obtaining their CDLs. We also provide on-site care to help companies reduce worker's compensation costs and recordable injury rates.