Corporate Wellness & Injury Prevention in Kearney

Elite Corporate Wellnessand Injury Prevention

On-Site Care​

Since 2011, we have had the opportunity to provide on-site treatment for common strains, sprains and MSDs. Employees with these injuries will be quickly and conveniently seen at work, which minimizes lost time and improves access to early treatment and prevention.

OSHA has specifically interpreted Active Release Techniques as “first aid.” Using this technique allows us to treat at-work injuries without crossing the recordable injury threshold. This not only benefits employees with early and effective treatment, but employers benefit from significantly decreased recordable injuries and work comp premiums.

Onsite chiropractic care and physical therapy is also offered for work and non-work related injuries and wellness.

DOT Physicals

Dr. Stickney and Dr. Peterson are listed on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners and certified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to perform Department of Transportation physical exams for drivers obtaining their CDLs. For further details on single driver or corporate fleet rates please call us at (308) 455-1500.

DOT physicals include filling out a short questionnaire, bringing in a list of your medications, a urinalysis to check for protein or sugar in the urine and an exam. A DOT physical takes about 30 minutes.

Post Offer Employment Tests (POET)

Post Offer Employment Tests (POET) are designed specifically to each individual employer to test the physical capabilities of prospective employees to make sure they can meet the physical demands of the job. POET’s typically consist of heart rate, blood pressure monitoring, pain assessments, past medical history, range of motion testing, muscle strength testing, dexterity testing, lift testing, climbing abilities, and any other specific test that needs to be completed based on job requirements of the particular company.

How do you work with companies to keep their employees healthier through prescribing stretching and exercises?

We develop stretching programs specific to companies and the types of MSD injuries they are seeing the most. We provide a jobs-demand analysis and evaluate current injury incidence rates/types to tailor custom routines in the form of micro-breaks or beginning/end of shift routines. This minimizes lost production times but maximizes employee benefit and proactive wellness.

Companies We Work With

We proudly work with these and other excellent companies: