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What Is Post-Offer Employment Testing?

Hiring is difficult in any industry, but it is especially difficult now. Hiring an employee injured in the first few weeks on the job can be disastrous for a company. Using proper pre-hire exams that will safely and legally evaluate a candidate’s functional worker abilities is critical. This blog will explain what Post-Offer Employment Testing is and why it is beneficial to employers.

What is a Post-Offer Employment Test?

A “POET” test is a medical examination that evaluates a prospective employee’s specific skills. Employers use the POET to determine if a candidate can safely and effectively perform the physical requirements of the job for which he or she has applied. Given the nature of the job and its physical requirements, a post-offer employment examination will measure and evaluate various medical and physical characteristics. Most Post-Offer Employment tests include measurements of body fat and weight, range of motion, limb strength, and safe lifting capacity, among other elements.

It is essential to note that a post-offer employment test differs from a pre-employment physical. A physical exam is a general testing procedure, whereas a POET exam will specifically test for the job tasks for which a candidate is being considered. Furthermore, only after an employer has made an official job offer can a POET exam be processed. The employment opportunity, like drug testing and other similar tests, will be contingent on the job candidate passing the post-offer employment exam.

Employers who use POET exams typically hire trained medical professionals to create detailed and distinct testing criteria specific to the job description’s analysis metrics. Consistent criteria for a POET exam are critical, especially for employers hiring multiple employees or having multiple job sites.

How Long Does a POET Take?

A POET test usually takes less than an hour to complete after an employee has been given a job offer. A POET test should ideally be tailored to a specific job description and include testing abilities in accordance with the physical demands analysis. An employee may be required to demonstrate their ability to push safely, pull, or lift specific weights at specific frequencies and squat or reach specific levels. If a candidate fails the POET test, the job offer may be rescinded. Employers often let applicants reapply and retake the POET test within a certain time.

Benefits of Post-Offer Employment Testing (POET)

Why should your company consider conducting a post-offer employment test for your employees? Most importantly, you must ensure that your workforce is capable of performing the job tasks for which they signed up safely and efficiently. For example, a warehouse worker unable to repeatedly and properly lift the 40-pound pallets of merchandise that move through your stockroom will almost certainly injure themselves and reduce the efficiency of your operation.

Second, a POET test can help your company avoid potentially costly workers’ compensation fees. According to a 2008 study, the workers’ compensation injury rate was reduced by 47 percent among newly hired workers who passed a post-offer screening test. Furthermore, administering POET tests to all new employees helped to increase retention rates by at least 21%. Because losing an employee can cost anywhere from 1.5 to 2 times the employee’s salary, reducing turnover can also help your company’s long-term profitability.

Elite Health and Wellness in Kearney, NE, Benefits Your Employees

Elite Health and Wellness is here to help you manage your hiring process efficiently and effectively to reduce costs and promote workplace wellness. Our Corportate Wellness program is designed for your company to give and get the most for your employees. Are you interested in how we can help your workforce? Call Elite Health and Wellness in Kearney, NE, today at (308) 455 1500 to learn more!