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Personal Trainers in Kearney, NE


Whether you’re just getting started with bodybuilding or have been doing it for years, a personal trainer can mean the difference between falling short of your goals and getting the body you’ve always wanted. Finding the right personal trainer for you, on the other hand, isn’t always as simple as it sounds – but these pointers will help.

Enquire at Your Favorite Gym

Your local gym is the first place to look for a personal trainer in Kearney, NE. If you inquire at reception, they should have brief biographies on each personal trainer and can make a recommendation based on your specific goals. 

  • The length of time he or she has been training
  • Where the personal trainer received his or her education and certification
  • His or her specialty areas such as strength and conditioning, sports-specific training, athletic performance, overall health and fitness, pre/post-natal, etc.

Search the Classifieds

If you don’t have a gym nearby or prefer to work out at home, it might be worth looking for personal trainers in your local classifieds. As before, gather all pertinent information and try to verify it with the official certification board. It’s also a good idea to look for reviews or ask for references to see if a personal trainer is a good fit for you. Online workout communities (forums) and social media sites such as Facebook are good ways to search for recommendations.

Look for Testimonials, Results, and Awards

Now that you have a list of possibilities, you must determine how good the personal trainer is. Looking at testimonials from satisfied customers is always a good place to start, and some websites even post “before” and “after” pictures so you can see the potential results of working with a good personal trainer. Their website is also a great place to learn more about their background, qualifications, awards, and personal approach to training.

Meet Your Personal Trainer

You’ll meet with your personal trainer for an initial consultation or assessment before committing to regular sessions. This is an excellent opportunity to determine whether you believe you can work with them for an ongoing period. However, don’t feel obligated to hire the first person you come across — try some training sessions with a variety of personal trainers until you find one you’re confident you’ll be able to work with long term. When you go for the first time, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the environment overcrowding? If it is, your access to the equipment may be limited.
  • How would you describe the overall atmosphere? Make sure you feel comfortable working out in this environment.
  • Are the staffs helpful and friendly? They should be helpful and eager to answer your questions.

Assess Your Trainer

After you’ve made an initial assessment of the environment, it’s time to decide if the personal trainer is right for you. Consider the following before you begin asking questions:

  • Is the personal trainer look professional?
  • How well do they communicate with you during your initial conversation?
  • How would you describe their teaching style? Do you prefer to work with a quiet but encouraging trainer or one who is more upbeat? Their style must be compatible with yours, or you may not be able to work well together in the long run.
  • As you speak to them, keep an eye on their attention levels. Are they purely interested in you as a potential client, or are they easily distracted by other things?
  • Staying motivated will be one of the most important factors in keeping you coming back to the gym. Is your personal trainer someone who makes you feel good? Do they offer you words of encouragement when you need it? If this is the case, they will most likely be the motivating factor to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Find a Trainer Who Understands Your Goals.

The program he or she creates for you should be tailored to your specific needs and goals for your new fitness routine. It must also consider any limitations you may have, as well as your goals, and then lay out a clear path to help you achieve them. Communicate clearly with your trainer about your goals. Do you want to build muscle or lose weight? Is your goal to improve your athletic conditioning or to rehabilitate? Before you look for a personal trainer, make sure you know what you want to achieve. This will help you find the one who can best assist you.

Address Your Health Problems

Your trainer will need to be aware of any injuries, muscular/joint pains, or medical conditions in order to design the best plan for your specific goals. For example, squats may be difficult for you if you have knee or back problems. Alternatively, you may have health issues that benefit from a specific type of exercise. People with back pain, for example, can often see an improvement by strengthening their core muscles — a trainer can tailor a program to address those specific issues. By being honest and open about any health issues, your trainer will be able to work within your limitations. Still, they may also be able to assist you in finding ways to improve how you manage your condition.

Trust Excellence in Fitness.

After reading this article, you should understand how to find a personal trainer in Kearney, NE. You’ll also know what questions to ask and how to recognize signs that a trainer is or isn’t a good fit for you. Elite Health and Wellness serves clients in the Kearney, NE, area. We create plans for clients of all ages and abilities, helping them reach their personal health and fitness objectives. We can help you improve your appearance and self-esteem!