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FAQs About IV Nutritional Therapy

In today’s world, your immune system is subjected to toxins, so your body requires all the help it can get. This is especially true if you have a chronic disease. IV therapy can help boost your immune system and promote your body’s natural healing process. Vitamin injections can help treat various disorders, from cardiologists treating cardiovascular disease to patients seeking cosmetic benefits.

We know you’re curious about these exciting new treatments, so check out the list of frequently asked questions below.

Am I suitable for an IV Nutritional Therapy treatment?

One of the many benefits of IV Nutrient Therapy is that there are few contraindications. Your suitability for intravenous therapy will be determined during your initial consultation at Elite Health and Wellness in Kearney, NE. Patients feeling run down and needing a pick me up to face the stresses and rigors of modern life report that a session of IV Nutrient Therapy has instantly restored and rejuvenated them. Deficiencies in particular vitamins and nutrients have been linked to various serious health problems. Before beginning IV Nutrient Therapy, your health is carefully assessed, as with all treatments at Elite Health and Wellness, and any serious underlying health conditions are treated.

Is IV Nutritional Therapy Safe?

Yes, IV nutritional therapy is safe, effective, minimally invasive, and well tolerated by most patients, with a low risk of severe adverse side effects. Before beginning any treatment, the Elite Health and Wellness expert team will examine your vital signs, monitor your blood pressure, and examine your medical history in detail. Your doses will be adjusted according to your specific needs, and every session of therapy will be conducted under strict medical supervision.

Does IV Nutritional Therapy Work?

While IV Nutritional Therapy is not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle, it can supplement what your diet lacks and provide your body with the essential nutrients it requires to boost immunity, increase energy levels, and promote healing.

Are There Side Effects of IV Nutritional Therapy?

Side effects are minimal and infrequent with IV Nutritional Therapy. Irritation at the IV insertion site is the most common side effect. Some people may feel warm and flushed during treatment or have a taste of vitamins in their mouth shortly after the infusion. Though high vitamin doses are more easily tolerated through IV Nutritional Therapy than oral vitamin supplements, it is best to begin with, lower doses and work your way up to avoid discomfort or sensitivity. Serious adverse side effects are unlikely.

What can I expect from my IV Nutritional Therapy treatment?

Your general health will be assessed by one of our specially trained IV specialists during your consultation at Elite Health and Wellness in Kearney, NE. We can then prescribe you a treatment plan specifically tailored to address any health concerns or nutrient deficiencies you may have. The vitamin and nutrient solution is injected into a vein during the treatment. This can be done as a push (which takes about 10 to 15 minutes) or as a drip (which takes about an hour).

How many IV Nutritional Therapy treatments will I need?

Although one-off IV Nutritional Therapy is possible, and many patients report significant improvement after just one treatment, we believe that a course of therapy is the best option. Treatments can be given once or twice a week, and a treatment program usually consists of 3 or 5 sessions. All therapy programs at Elite Health and Wellness in Kearney, NE, are tailored to your specific health concerns. By committing to a program, our specially trained IV experts will be able to monitor your progress and adjust as needed. Call us at (308) 455 1500 for more information on the benefits of IV Nutritional Therapy.