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Elite Offering Teletherapy!

For your comfort, for your health.

We’ve all had to adapt, modify and reconcile our situations and schedules with the viral COVID-19 infection circling the world. 

It seems like the rules change daily, even hourly at times. In addition, our typical routines have shifted remarkably from our physical activity to our work station. This presents a great deal of stress mentally and physically.

For your benefit, we have adjusted our practice to accommodate you!

Although it is impossible to adjust, manipulate or perform manual therapy during a teletherapy session, we have worked hard to establish a reputation for being more than just that.

Teletherapy allows us to deliver the same high value care via evaluation, recommendations, exercise prescription and follow-up advice. Furthermore, we have an extensive library of exercises we can provide tailored to your situation. 

Does my insurance cover Teletherapy?
Insurances have made some emergency provisions for beneficiaries to receive teletherapy.  Call our office to find out your options! (308)455-1500

 The software we have invested in to provide safe and compliant delivery of teletherapy is doxy.me. This software is user friendly on desktop and mobile devices.