Elite Chiropractic & Tissue Rehabilitation offers Kearney and Central Nebraska a new and progressive approach to patient care. By utilizing chiropractic adjusting techniques combined with Active Release Techniques (A.R.T.) and rehabilitation, patients receive faster and more comprehensive outcomes than using any other single approach. We combine traditional approaches of manual therapy with the most current research available. This allows Elite Chiropractic & Tissue Rehabilitation to expect exceptional clinical outcomes, with the least number of office visits possible.

By utilizing advanced chiropractic techniques, A.R.T. and rehabilitation, we are able to provide successful treatment for a multitude of common musculoskeletal disorders. Each treatment is unique to the clinical presentation of each patient.

The purpose of this clinic is to provide the most effective and comprehensive treatment available. All emphasis is directed to patient care and rapid positive clinical outcomes. At Elite Chiropractic & Tissue Rehabilitation we strive to empower each patient with the knowledge to achieve self-sustained optimal

Nothing is more satisfying for us than when a patient realizes they can return to a normal, fully functioning, pain-free lifestyle. At Elite Chiropractic & Tissue Rehabilitation, we live by the philosophy that, “Quality of Life Matters Most.”

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